You read the title of this post correctly!
It is time again to begin accepting applications to our FALL 2017 classes at VISIONAIRE INSTITUTE!

Details are attached below.

How To Apply

Please complete the application online at: .

Due to the large number of inquiries and applications, we will choose students based on similar ability or with abilities that complement each other.  So, if you are not in this semester’s class, it only means that there were not enough people applying at your skill level. Please be patient and apply again for the next semester when that is open.  We truly want to teach as many people as are interested, but the human resources are what they are.

Please provide us with a minimum of 3 of your best photos and a maximum of 5. Upload your photos here: Don’t fret about whether they are ‘good enough’ as this course is meant to help you improve.  If you were the bestest of the best, you would not need the class and we would kindly advise you to let the very limited course space to another person who will need it more than you. We are looking for something we call ‘Photographer Potential’, that you have the potential and are willing to take on a steep learning curve at VISIONAIRE INSTITUTE.

We are not looking at picture quality in your applications. At the same time, we are just trying to put together a class of students that complement each other. We do have a good mix of applications coming through for every batch, from models to designers, from casual photographers to serious bloggers, from magazine owners to the average joe’s. We will match you to the most interesting class dynamics there is, that you can be assured of.

Course Structure

Classes are held once a week and will run for about 2-3 hours depending on how talkative the class is.
Classes are taught in English via Discord.
We will simultaneously meet inworld should this be needed; however, the majority of the class will be conducted through Discord. WrenNoir Cerise and Nariko Okawa will be the primary teachers (you can see samples of their work are included in the links). Guest speakers are also invited to teach a class.

At VISIONAIRE INSTITUTE, we feel it is important to be well-rounded and to take inspiration from many people, places, and things. Instruction will run 10 weeks.  We meet for 10 classes, then have some time off to set up the final Art Gallery Student Presentation and Graduation Exhibit. Course will stretch from September 2017 to January 2018 (Detailed schedule included below).

If you do not have it already, download the FireStorm viewer.  The Phototools floater has been designed to give you great control over photos and we will be discussing its functions at length. We will NOT be focusing on Photoshop. There may be no Photoshop techniques taught at all.  If you are looking for a class on Photoshop techniques, this is not the course for you.

At VISIONAIRE INSTITUTE, we feel that Photoshop techniques are well covered by YouTube or Adobe tutorials.
**  If you are interested in a particular technique, Google it and make the commitment to your craft by practicing these skills.  What we offer is the critique on your work that you are not able to get from the tutorials.

VISIONAIRE INSTITUTE will teach you how to see.  You will learn why a photo is successful while another just languishes.  You will be able to explain why you like a photo and why you do not like another.  We will give you the language and the ‘eyes’ to understand what you are looking at. We support the development of your own personal style — how to find it, define it, improve it, and own it.  We have no interest in you copying the teacher’s style.  That would be boring as hell.  But we want you to make a strong statement with your vision. We will cover technical skills, genres of photography, personal style, the financial business of SL photography, and gallery installation.  Most of all, you will increase your ability to share the images as you envision them and to have as much impact with your photography as possible.

** Adobe Photoshop, SL Machinima Video Editing & Styling Consultation online video training packages will soon available at VISIONAIRE INSTITUTE hopefully by beginning of next year.

Comportment and Homework

It does not matter if you are late for class.  Just do not be disruptive when you finally arrive. The teachers will not be able to catch you up at the expense of others who already heard the lesson/critique, so if you are late, we hope you are quick at understanding what went on before you got there. It does not matter if you miss a class. But understand that the teacher cannot give you a personal ‘catch up’ session or refund you for that class.  If you miss a class, you miss the information. You are expected to participate by having the homework completed in a week, by adding your opinion, asking questions, or sharing information you may have. Please be aware that if you like to talk, moderate and pace yourself before you take up more class time than appropriate.  If you are generally quiet, see if you can add a few words here and there until you get comfortable with sharing your thoughts.

Graduation and Beyond

A gallery space will be provided for all the students to exhibit their work at the end of the semester and show off their accomplishments to friends and family.  This event will be highly promoted. Students are expected to participate and contribute in putting it together as part of your knowledge base.

If you miss 3 classes, you will not earn your ‘Certificate of SL Photography’.  It does not matter the reason for the missed classes as the certificate attests to the fact that you were taught our lessons, therefore, we cannot confer a certificate if you did not come to classes.  If you miss 3 classes and are unable to finish the semester you will not be given a refund; however, you will be able to retake the course on the following semester at no charge to you. Your teachers and the whole graduate family within VISIONAIRE will still be available to you after graduation.  If you have questions, feel free to contact us.

Upon graduation, we will be colleagues and sharing information is invaluable to all. When photography work becomes available, the information will be passed on to you.  We are committed to making sure you are successful in your endeavors and although a certificate is a non-requirement for employment at the onset, we are hoping to set the the standard that such a training course reassures SL employers of your commitment and professionalism.

Fees and Financing Options

The fee for this class is L$20,000 (Linden Dollars) for this semester, and is expected to increase with every batch going forward. The fee is due at or before matriculation (i.e. the start of the semester). You may reject matriculation and admission upon acceptance. However, upon matriculation and fee payment, course fee (or part-thereof) is not refundable. Unfortunately, we will not be offering scholarship for this semester.

Course Fee break-down according to the prevalent exchange rate on LindeX™ Exchange: * The course fee is L$20,000 for 10 classes which last 3 hours each * Each class is costing you L$2,000. Divided by 3 hours, that is L$633 per hour, which is approximately US$2.30 per hour * This US$2.30 is split between the two lecturers, land rentals, and guest speakers. In the end, lecturers only make US$2.30 for each 3 hour class that they teach, prepare for, and find suitable examples to show to the class. That’s only US$0.75 per hour (not taking into account the hours prior to class spent on preparation for the lesson and your Graduation Exhibition)!

Will you work for US$0.75 an hour in RL? We will, at VISIONAIRE INSTITUTE. Because the chance for you to learn is at the core of our priorities.

Class Schedule

Class Schedule is as follows – please note we may be experiencing Daylight Savings in the middle of our course:

  • 24 September 2017 (Sunday) 8am SLT
  • 1 October 2017 (Sunday) 8am SLT [Part 1A]
  • 8 October 2017 (Sunday) 8am SLT [Part 1B]
  • 15 October 2017 (Sunday) 8am SLT [Part 2A]
  • 22 October 2017 (Sunday) 8am SLT [Part 2B]
  • 29 October 2017 (Sunday) 8am SLT [Part 3]
  • 5 November 2017 (Sunday) (Friday) 8am SLT
  • 12 November 2017 (Sunday) 8am SLT
  • 19 November 2017 (Sunday) 8am SLT *tentative
  • – break for Thanksgiving and Xmas and Prep for Grad Exhibition –
  • Early January 2018 (Sunday) 8am SLT *tentative date unknown before the exhibition for review
  • Graduation Exhibition – Mid-January 2018

Exact schedules are as above and changes to schedules will be only available to accepted applicants in their Course acceptance packages after the applications period ends. If you are unable to finish the semester you will not be given a refund; however, you will be able to retake the course on the following semester at no charge to you. Graduates are also allowed to revisit any classes they may wish to retake at no charge. Selected periodic seminars will also be conducted for VISIONAIRE INSTITUTE trainees and graduates at no charge as well.

VISIONAIRE INSTITUTE Partners and Sponsors

You may want to check with your trainers and CEOs of your modelling academies if they have requested a one-off lesson from us, and may already be included in your paid model training package to learn about the simple basics of SL Photography.

This course is not an extension of that lesson but is a whole new in-depth syllabus branching out from the very basic fundamentals of the one-off lesson. If you own or are teaching in a model academy/agency and wish to request for such a lesson to be included in your curriculum or model training, please be informed that you may approach anyone of us for more information.

Our mesh logo is kindly meshed by the amazing Hatris Panacek (EX MACHINA).


Closing Date for application is on September 13, 2017 and candidates will be informed of their application results personally via their email addresses provided during application.

Release of Results

Results of your application (accepted or otherwise) will be announced via email by September 16th, 2017.

Please ensure that you check your email inbox regularly during that time. In your acceptance email, you will also receive your Acceptance Package which will include all details about your necessary actions thereafter. Due to the extremely high volume of applications for this batch, we sincerely apologize that we will not be able to provide individual reasons for the rejection of unsuccessful applicants.

List of accepted applicants will also be released in our VISIONAIRE In-World group. We have decided to open the VISIONAIRE In-World group for you to join to be updated with the lastest information and events by VISIONAIRE and HASHTAG by VISIONAIRE. List of accepted applicants will also be released in the group notice. secondlife:///app/group/6853fce3-aba3-1f43-039c-842a7382b8ee/about (Paste in SL Local Chat)

See you in class soon!
And remember, Creativity is the New Literacy!

Dean | Nariko Okawa
Dean | WrenNoir Cerise
Manager & PR | Silly Avro

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